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Karlek’s Birthday Hunt

February 6, 2021 @ 21:00

Howdy my friends!

3 years ago I threw a first birthday team hunt for my EU friends.
Team hunt took place on planet Cyrene and we hunted Rhinos and Mang Changs, 2 years ago we hunted pop dragons on rt and last year we were on Caly hunting Proterons, Mindreavers, Vanguards. It was a lot of fun and that’s what this is all about.

This year I’ll organize BD team hunt on planet Arkadia on 6th of February (evening MA time but I’m flexible ). I will give each player 10 or 20 PED (depends on number of participants and my bankroll atm) of ammo to help with the fun (that’s “beer” in a pub from me). I know it is not much but that’s what my bankroll allows me to do at the moment. Transportation to any location will be provided by me.

There are some rules about the Birthday Team Hunt:
It’s all about fun and not about profit or loss.
We all bring weapons of the same DPS or similar so everyone has the same loot or at least similar loot. (I decided that you can use any DPS for this year’s team hunt if you want. My DPS is ~60 and i know that this could be a problem for many of you who have nice weapons with higher DPS so if you want you can use any of them.)
If any UL item will be looted, we all split the value equally after the item is sold by me.
Any (L) item looted will be passed to me and sold to TT (or can be purchased by any team member) and every team member receives equal share of TT value.

What will we hunt?

1. Bokol   –   EntropiaWiki

2. Kadra   –   EntropiaWiki

3. Oratan Lancer   –   EntropiaWiki

4. GMC 03 Gamma   –   EntropiaWiki

Those mobs are my suggestion for what we could hunt and I’m open for any other mob suggestions for the team hunt.


February 6, 2021


Planet Arkadia