Karlek’s Birthday Hunt

Planet Arkadia

Howdy my friends! 3 years ago I threw a first birthday team hunt for my EU friends. Team hunt took place on planet Cyrene and we hunted Rhinos and Mang Changs, 2 years ago we hunted pop dragons on rt and last year we were on Caly hunting Proterons, Mindreavers, Vanguards. It was a lot... Continue Reading →

Falxangius Hunt

http://www.entropiawiki.com/Info.aspx?chart=Mob&id=27 Hello Knights,  I’m organizing a Society hunt on some Falxangius for 4 hours. We will get ourselves a healer for the event.  If you are interested in joining, please reply to this event listing or contact the event organizers (Julius Dasher & Zim) All items will be split. Please bring ranged and about avg... Continue Reading →