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Society Blacklist

This thread is in place to notify the Entropia Universe community of avatars that have been blacklisted by The Knights of Entropia society. This list includes any Entropia avatar that has been flagged by the community (or dismissed from TKoE) for scamming, begging, or other "bad behaviors".

Inori Sophia Yuzuriha Knight Impersonator / Scamming
Kate Sapphire Gurl Alternate Account
Pedless Freelancer Bumm Alternate Account / Scamming
Dr Monria Arty Alternate Account / Scamming
Lia Bhabygurl Amores Stealing TKoE funds and donations
The OreBuyer Express Repeatedly refused to split item in shared loot.
Adina Amalia Perez / Gorgeous Babe Alina Society jumping, Begging, Possible scamming intentions
Ajzhabar Gohnthinel Raelztieh Event Abuser
Alina Mazur Cherniy Mentor Farmer
Black Rose Name Begging, Scamming, Alternate Account, Newb Imposter
Brodda Belegost Lothron Event Abuser
Capuz Sumah Martins Harassing, PK Extorting, Scamming, Racist
Hristo Ico2l Pasheev Ex-Knight Impersonator
Kyllingabein Kyll Hani Harassing
Royal Chainsawwwww BEast Sweat reseller, Grave Robber
Simeori SteeL 4o Yankcv Ex-Knight Impersonator
Taobe Oma Desala Harassing, Kill-stealing, Scamming, TKoC "Society Founder" Imposter
The Ase Roland Scamming, Harassing, Kill-stealing
The Black Master Begging, Scamming, Alternate Account, Newb Imposter
Tomas Reorganise Scamming
Tony Hawks PRO Knight Imposter
Berk Firestorm Boom "Armor Upgrader" Scamming
Vernius Nocturnal Navigator Roquen Harassing, Pressing religious beliefs
Ruby Foxcharm Ufelya Scamming
Gomez Maily Swan Begging
Mlady Meli Mlady Begging, Scamming
Sndlwood McQueen Outrageous rambling
Southern Jess Pawl Thievery
Nicole everlast girl Knight Impersonator, Scamming
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