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Society Rules

General Rules


Pirating / Player Killing

To be a Knight requires a certain level of honor, and there is no honor in being a Pirate. A Pirate is someone who kills avatars in any lootable PVP area, with the intention of stealing Materials /Mined Resources.  


If you are interested in joining The Knights of Entropia, we ask that you apply for membership in the society terminal, or have a Captain/Colonel send you an invite. One of our Colonels will contact you, instruct you to review our rules, and have you register on our website. Once this has been completed, your application will be accepted.

If you are new to Entropia Universe, we would like to know who your mentor is, and if they recommended you to TKoE. We do not require that you have a mentor within TKoE, however it will benefit you much more as a new player. If you have little/no progress in your discipleship, it may be a wise choice to switch over to a TKoE mentor. With that being said, switching mentors is always left up to the disciple, with no pressure or influence from TKoE members. It is mandatory for all TKoE members to have an account on our society website. When registering on our website, make sure you input your full in-game avatar name. Once you have been accepted into the society, you are expected to introduce yourself to the rest of our members. You can introduce yourself in the New Member? - Say Hello! forum. You may want to include who you are irl, what you do in-game, how long you've played EU, or what made you choose TKoE.  

TKoE Ranks General (Eric Shade Avenged) Colonel (10 Positions) Captain Sergeant Private Recruit


Promotion Process

Recruit to Private - 1 month loyalty to TKoE Private to Sergeant - 1 month as Private | Promotion Request | 3 recommendations from Sergeant rank or higher Sergeant to Captain - 1 month as Sergeant | Promotion Request | 3 recommendations from Captain rank or higher Captain to Colonel - 6 months loyalty to TKoE | Colonel Majority Vote

After 1 month loyalty as a Recruit, you may speak with any Captain or Colonel to be promoted to Private rank. No Promotion Requests are required for this particular rank promotion. The Rank of Colonel is reserved to 10 very special Knights. We have selected the number 10, with the General's vote being 11, so that we will never tie in a vote. TKoE's Colonels and General govern the society, and are expected to be active in-game and on the forum. Any Colonel inactive without reason for more than two months, will be demoted and replaced with someone better suited for the position. The recommendation system is a fair and involved way to achieve rank. Especially if recommendations are taken seriously, and individual members reach out to other members in the society. A person interested in a promotion should post a thread in the Promotion Requests forum. Make sure to follow our official promotion request template.  

Probationary Period

All TKoE members at the Recruit rank are considered probationary members. This period of time allows us to observe everyone's character before they are allowed to advance ranks in the society. It also allows us to dismiss any recruits that do not fit in with our overall purpose/goal in the Entropia Universe, regardless of whether or not they break any of our society rules. Once a Recruit has been promoted to Private, they are no longer in probation. In other words, a member with the rank of Private or higher will not be dismissed unless they fail to abide by our Society Rules.  


Demotions/dismissals due to lack of attendance is performed on a monthly basis. All other demotions/dismissals are decided by Colonel majority vote, and are enforced only after the poll has finished.  

Attendance Policy

Once a member of TKoE reaches the rank of Private or higher, they are required to do monthly attendance in the society terminal. The attendance policy allows our Colonels to see who is active, and who needs to be demoted/dismissed. There is a limit on how many members we can have in our society, so we need to constantly make room for new active players. To do your attendance: Failure to do attendance will result in your avatar being demoted or dismissed from the society. Keep in mind that we are a large, active society with a good deal of membership turnover.  

Team Hunt Policy


Failure to obey these rules will result in disciplinary action or dismissal from TKoE. These rules are subject to change at any time without prior notice. If any major rule changes are made, society members will be informed after the changes have been implemented.

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