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Starfinder XIII Privateer

Ship Owner | Theophilus Theo Mayo

Program Manager | Eric Shade Avenged

Guest List Manager | Etheldred Dred Mayhew

Official Crew | The Knights of Entropia (TKoE)


VIP Warp Service

Price List

Our price list is based on how many warps are needed to accommodate your travel plans. We charge a flat rate pilot fee of 11 PEDs, plus an additional 13 PEDs per warp. Pickup warps are also charged to the customer, if they are requested.

1 warp | 24 PEDs

2 warps | 37 PEDs

3 warps | 50 PEDs

4 warps | 63 PEDs

5 warps | 76 PEDs


Please contact Theophilus Theo Mayo to be added to the ship guest list.

If Theo is not online in Entropia Universe, you can contact him over discord. Simply join the TKoE Discord Server, find Theo in the member list, and send him a private message.

The Starfinder XIII Privateer uses a separate avatar specifically for guest list maintenance and performing summons. The name of this avatar is Etheldred Dred Mayhew. After contacting Theo for guest list access, passengers will receive a friend request from Dred to be added to the ship guest list.



TKoE Discord Server

Don’t risk your loot in space, utilize our discord server! If you are traveling with us and carrying lootable items, log out on the ship and communicate with the pilot over discord until we safely reach your destination.

Click Here to Join Discord



Certified Warp Pilots

Theophilus Theo Mayo

Eric Shade Avenged

Chris Moneyme Mo

Tommy Chong Smokesalot

Kirk Kinkie Hotwood

Candice Dolphinlove Me


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