Yamato Mothership

Ship Owner | Eugenio Anhithe Wilde (Monria Owner)

Program Manager | Eric Shade Avenged

Guest List Manager | Monria Fleet Manager

Official Crew | The Knights of Entropia (TKoE)


Monria Space Travel Program

Warp Schedule | Fridays & Sundays

19:45 – First Monria summons
19:55 – Final Monria summons
20:00 – Monria to Arkadia
20:15 – First Arkadia summons
20:25 – Final Arkadia summons
20:30 – Arkadia to Calypso
20:45 – First Calypso summons
20:55 – Final Calypso summons
21:00 – Calypso to Rocktropia
21:15 – First Rocktropia summons
21:25 – Final Rocktropia summons
21:30 – Rocktropia to Cyrene
21:45 – First Cyrene summons
21:55 – Final Cyrene summons
22:00 – Cyrene to Next Island
22:15 – First Next Island summons
22:25 – Final Next Island summons
22:30 – Next Island to Toulan
22:45 – First Toulan summons
22:55 – Final Toulan summons
23:00 – Toulan to Monria

Certain players are eligible for free travel during our warp schedules. These players include Monria-born avatars, TKoE society members, Monria Shop Owners, and Monria Apartment Owners. If you are not eligible for free travel benefits, but would still like to travel with us, the travel fee is 6 PEDs.

Passengers can pay to have planets added to the end of the warp schedule. These warps always take place after Toulan, prior to our return warp to Monria. The travel fee for this service is 15 PEDs.



VIP Warp Service

Price List

Our price list is based on how many warps are needed to accommodate your travel plans. We charge a flat rate pilot fee of 11 PEDs, plus an additional 13 PEDs per warp. Pickup warps are also charged to the customer, if they are requested. The Yamato must always return back to Monria after performing a VIP Warp, which is also charged to the customer.

1 warp | 24 PEDs

2 warps | 37 PEDs

3 warps | 50 PEDs

4 warps | 63 PEDs

5 warps | 76 PEDs



TKoE Discord Server

Don’t risk your loot in space, utilize our discord server! If you are traveling with us and carrying lootable items, log out on the ship and communicate with the pilot over discord until we safely reach your destination.

Click Here to Join Discord


Monria Shoutbox

Don’t risk your loot in space, utilize the Monria Shoutbox! If you are traveling with us and carrying lootable items, log out on the ship and view the Monria Shoutbox for live updates. To view the Shoutbox, you must be logged into the Monria Forum. Members are required to make at least 8 posts before gaining access to the Shoutbox. You can satisfy this requirement here.

Click Here to View Shoutbox



Certified Warp Pilots

Eric Shade Avenged

Chris Moneyme Mo

Tommy Chong Smokesalot

Kirk Kinkie Hotwood



Official Program Links

Sign up for Guest List

Monria Space Travel Program Schedule

Monria Space Travel Program Fees

Monria Repair Skilling Program


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