Ship Owner | Theophilus Theo Mayo


VIP Warp Service

Planet-side to Planet-side

The Firebird is a warp capable vessel with the ability to enter planet atmospheres. It does however have a weight restriction when utilizing the warp drive. Both the pilot and passenger combined cannot weigh over 100 kg, otherwise the ship will be unable to warp. Theo has reserved 5 kg for himself when performing VIP warps. All passengers are limited to 95 kg carry weight to utilize this warp service.

1 warp | 20 PEDs

2 warps | 35 PEDs

3 warps | 50 PEDs

4 warps | 65 PEDs

5 warps | 80 PEDs


Please contact Theophilus Theo Mayo with any travel inquiries.

* Customers must weigh 95 kg or less to utilize this warp service *


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